About the Company

We transform plastic waste into high-quality crumb

Eco Verde Recycling is a modern company focused on the mechanical recycling of plastic waste from the markets of the European Union. With the help of modern and effective technologies, we transform plastic waste into high-quality crumb. This grit is suitable for use in the production of plastic products, or as an ecological substitute for raw materials for the production of regranulates and compounds.

We operate a modern high-capacity recycling line

We have many years of business experience, we know the European recycling market and we have mastered the issue of processing plastic waste. We launched a modern and largest recycling line for the processing of sorted 3D polypropylene and polyethylene from municipal waste in Slovakia and Czechia. We also offer the possibility of processing more complex mixes of these polymers into high-quality crumb suitable for a wide range of production of plastic products.


Ing. Vladimír Slávik

Ing. Vladimir Slavik


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Ing. Igor Strecko

Strategic Development

Juraj Grman

Juraj Grman


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Ing. Vladimír Dzanibekov

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